What makes Amish Built Montana Custom Sheds better than the rest?

  • The Best Warranty in the business! 10 year floor to ceiling warranty against defects in craftsmanship.  
  • Rent to own with no credit check. Anyone can get one of our sheds with a low monthly payment and no prepay penalty.
  • Montana Custom Sheds keeps our prices low and our customer service levels high.
  • 3/4″ Advantech flooring is standard. Superior to plywood in stiffness, durability and wear. Simply the stiffest, strongest floor available.
  • Plywood ceiling sheeting is standard at Montana Custom Sheds. It is expensive but effective ceiling sheeting. OSB is subject to fast deterioration if exposed to moisture. Our competitors use OSB because it’s cheaper!
  • We source our buildings directly from local Amish communities ensuring a very high level of craftsmanship. The biggest compliment of all? Our competitors actually  buy buildings from us!
  • 45 miles free delivery with low additional mileage fees.

Superior Materials make a Superior building!

  • 50 year warranty T1-11 Smartside siding. 
  • 40 year warranty metal roof
  • 3/4″ Advantech flooring Standard  
  • Plywood roof sheeting Standard
  • Lifetime paint warranty Standard
  • 12″ on center and 8″ on center floor joists available for super heavy loads.

Buy Factory Direct and Save!

  • Talk directly to the company. No middleman markup!
  • We keep our overhead low to give our customers the best possible price.
  • Lowest Cash Prices available. No Credit Check Rent to Own with no prepay penalty
  • 90 days same as cash with No Credit Check.


How are Montana Custom Sheds built better than the competition?

It starts with top shelf materials. Our floors come standard with 3/4″ AdvanTech flooring-the highest rated subfloor on the market. Much stronger and stiffer than typical shed floors which means you don’t feel the floor bend as you walk on it. We also sheet our ceilings with plywood. Inferior buildings use OSB on their ceilings which is prone to swelling and decomposition. We use new construction building specs for our framing which includes 16″ on center framing on our floors, ceilings and walls. 50 year warranty T1-11 siding with a 40 year metal roof rounds out our premium materials list. Our buildings sit on 4×4 or 4×6 pressure treated skids to keep your building dry and off the ground. Our expert Amish craftsmen build superior buildings with premium materials.

How can Montana Custom Sheds be less expensive than other sheds that aren't built as well?

Simple. We source our products locally from Montana Amish communities avoiding expensive shipping of products. We keep our overhead very low and our customer service levels high. We are not a greedy shed builder who raises their prices year after year. If our material prices rise we often focus on small improvements in our operations to avoid higher prices. Finally, we are always comparing our retail price with competitors in our various markets to make sure that the value we offer our customers guarantee the highest quality buildings at the lowest possible price.

What if I need my building built on site?

No problem. We literally build dozens of onsite structures in mountain communities, hard to reach residential areas and special use areas. We have even transported materials on boats to reach isolated areas. Whether you choose pre built or built on site we have you covered!

Why should I buy a Montana Custom Shed instead of a building from a big box store?

Quality and Price are the two biggest reasons. Big box stores have huge overhead and average an 18-35% markup over the retail price of a typical Montana Custom Shed. They typically buy mass produced buildings that are shipped in from another state and have a big markup. Often the quality is low or the price is high or both! Just because a big box store is selling a product does not mean you are getting a good price.

What kind of financing does Montana Custom Sheds offer?

We have a variety of tried and true options for our customers. First, we offer the lowest cash price. Next  we offer Rent to Own monthly payments (NO Credit Check Required) with a variety of terms from 24-60 months with no prepayment penalty. We also offer 90 days same as cash (NO Credit Check Required). We also take all major credit cards and accept cash and checks.

How long has Montana Custom Sheds been in business?

We have been in the shed business since 2010 at the same location in Helena, MT. This makes us the oldest and most successful shed dealer in our market. We sell more buildings in a month than most shed dealers sell in a year. Higher quality and lower prices is the lynchpin of our company!

What kind of warranty does Montana Custom Sheds offer?

The best in the business! 10 year “floor to ceiling” warranty against defects in workmanship. 50 year warranty on our siding along with a 40 year warranty on our metal roofs and siding. We also offer a LIFETIME warranty against paint fading. See store for details.

What if my Montana Custom Shed needs to be moved after delivery?

We are proud to say our buildings are constructed on 4×4 or 4×6 skids every two feet of a building width. So you can literally move our buildings by pulling them on the ground. Try that with a metal base shed like the competition- they aren’t that Tuff. Their building would crumple like a pop can. Our top flight delivery crew can also be scheduled to move your building at a very reasonable cost.

Does Montana Custom Sheds offer any kind of discounts?

While we always strive to have a rock bottom price for a top quality building we do occasionally have buildings that go on sale. The best way to find one of these buildings is to call us or come by the lot. We literally have a building for everyone!

What if I'm so happy with my Montana Custom Shed that I want another one?

Then come on down and see us to pick out another. We might even sweeten the deal for you!